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Draft Letters While Sipping Draft Beers at PubLetters

Draft Letters While Sipping Draft Beers at PubLetters

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Not a tweet, text, or e-mail, but a real pen and paper letter? We’re guessing it was a thank you note to your grandmother for her $5 birthday check, and it was more of a chore than a pleasure.

Well fear not, PubLetters is back, and they promise a much more pleasurable experience than the aforementioned thank you note. The weekly event kicks off at a new location this week, and will be held every Tuesday in September from 7–9 PM at Standard Tap. As always, entry is free, as are the stationary (thanks to Casa Papel) and the postage (thanks to Trophy Bikes). All you have to do is show up with your favorite pen and a few bucks for some liquid inspiration. You can even score some sweet deals on that liquid inspiration if you write down your order.

Through PubLetters, drinkers have sent their correspondences far and wide, from within the city, to Rome, London, and beyond. You can even send out an early Christmas list to the North Pole, if you feel so inclined after a few drinks. Go ahead, we won’t judge. So grab your address book and head down to the Standard Tap from 7–9 PM to connect with your inner Ernest Hemingway or Gertrude Stein over a pint or three.

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