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Where to Find Bell's HopSlam in Philadelphia

Where to Find Bell's HopSlam in Philadelphia

Last week’s news that Jose Pistola’s was tapping one of the precious few barrels of Bell’s Brewery’s elusive HopSlam to make its way to these parts signaled that the highly sought after and seldom seen brew has completed its annual migration to the Philly area. Cases and bottles are (for the time being, anyway) readily available at local beer distributors and bars like Cavanaugh's Rittenhouse, P.O.P.E., Local 44 and others, but kegs of HopSlam, which is a beer that's nearly as scarce as Russian River’s uber-culty Pliny the Younger, are in extremely short supply. And each one that was shipped here has already been spoken for. Drink Philly intel has HopSlam tapped or soon to be tapped at the following drinking establishments:

Tria Cafe: Tria scored two barrels of the legendary brew, one of which is going on tap at noon today. The limit is set at just two pours per person.

Tria Taproom: That second keg that Tria scored goes on tap today at noon at the new taproom at 20 and Walnut streets.

Bottle Bar East: Our intel puts a barrel of the highly sought after brew in the fridge at this Frankford Ave. beer bar and bottle shop. But it’s not going on tap until tonight at 5 p.m.

Pinocchio’s: The Declo. pizza joint and craft beer destination has a barrel that it will tap on Fri., Feb. 7 at 11 a.m. Better call out of work now.

Varga Bar: Will tap its HopSlam on Sun., Feb. 9 at 8 PM.

As always, stay tuned. We’ll be updating with details on more HopSlam sightings and tappings this week.


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