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Johnny Brenda's Is the Unexpected Star of the New Rocky Movie, Creed

If you venture out to catch a screening of Creed, the new-generation Rocky installment starring Michael B. Jordan (of Fruitvale Station and Fantastic Four) and Sylvester Stallone (of course) which opens on November 25, you may be surprised to catch a sizable cameo from a stalwart Philly bar. After performing at Johnny Brenda’s a few years ago with her LA-based band Caught a Ghost, co-star Tessa Thompson (of Dear White People and Veronica Mars) suggested the venue be used as an on-screen venue in her new film focusing on Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo, and just like that, Johnny Brenda’s became a star.

According to Brenda’s owner William Reed, the crew had already booked the Trocadero, but caved after Thompson insisted on Brenda’s, which gets a lot of great shots and mentions within the film - not only is it name checked, but the camera lingers over the bar and stage while Thompson’s character performs there.

Check out Creed when it opens at the end of the month, and head over to Johnny Brenda’s after the film to grab a drink and feel like you’re Adonis himself.

Photo via Flickr user vinzcha


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