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Inside Brew - Video Series

A Message from the President of Drink Philly

After recently taking a tour of Victory Brewing Company, we all decided that this would be an excellent opportunity for us to add a new feature to Drink Philly.

This feature will be "Inside Brew," a look inside what breweries are like.  Kam, Justin, and myself all got to work on our first Inside Brew edition this week and we're all pretty excited about it.  Everything is done in-house; filming, editing, music, voice-over... it's all done by us, which makes the whole thing even   cooler in my opinion.
We're hoping to do many more videos like  this with breweries, bars, events, etc... so if you've got an idea for us, email it to  info@drinkphilly.com.
Look for the first edition of "Inside Brew" to be published on the site next week.
Adam Schmidt
Drink Philly


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