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Best Happy Hours, Drinks & Bars In Your Location - and Now, Events!

A Message From The President of The Drink Nation
Best Happy Hours, Drinks & Bars In Your Location - and Now, Events!

My Fellow Drinkers,

Have we got a treat for you. You may have noticed we’ve been making quite a few tweaks to our mobile site and desktop site. Well we’ve got some new features that I think you’re absolutely going to love.

Here’s the rundown:

Events listings on mobile site: That’s right, now when you use our mobile site/app, any upcoming events a bar is having around you will show up with their happy hour listing.  Special beer tastings, pairing dinners, wine classes, whatever the event - we will let you know it's happening.  Then just click on the event to get more details on it.

Mobile view

Desktop view

Users and bars can simply add events, bars, and news like this.

Mobile view


Desktop view

See all bars near you
– even if they don’t have specials: Sometimes you want to find a certain kind of bar and you may not care if specials are available or not. Now you can see all the bars around you, with details on the place so you can make a decision of what suits your needs.



Roundups:  We had these on the site before, but now we have a dedicated page with all our roundups listed.  Things like bars with wifi, places that fill growlers, social media check-in deals, outdoor seating, etc... Find all that info on the Roundups page.  And if you don't see something you're looking for there, simply request a round up by hitting the "Request a Roundup" button, then just give us some time, and we'll find it for you.


So that's it folks.  Everything drinking in your city all in one location on desktop and mobile. What more could you possibly want!  Thanks for all the feedback and letting us know how we can improve.  If you have any ideas on more we can do to make our site better, let us know in the comments or Contact Us.


Adam Schmidt
The Drink Nation
President & Founder



How are we doing? Tell us what you like or don't like and how we can improve. We would love to hear your thoughts!


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