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Bars in Philadelphia That Serve Gluten-Free Beer

Bars in Philadelphia That Serve Gluten-Free Beer

We’ve been on a gluten-free beer kick lately. We reviewed of Dogfish Head’s new Tweason’ale (turns out it's actually pretty good!), and then rounded up a whole bunch of other choices from breweries around the world. It’s wonderful that this market is expanding, because we feel awfully bad for people who can’t down a pint every now and then. (Sure, hard cider is delicious, and widely available, but it's not quite the same.)

Here are several spots celiac-suffering or gluten-free-living Philadelphians can go to kick one back at the bar, and what you can expect to find. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

The Bards: Has hosted gluten-free days and usually has gluten-free items and beers on the menu, currently serving Bard’s Pale Ale (2013 Walnut St)

Belgian Cafe: St. Peter’s Sorgham (601 N 21st St)

Brauhaus Schmitz: St. Peter’s Sorgham (718 South St)

Dock Street Brewing Company: Sudan Grass Ale (only available periodically) (701 S. 50th St)

Euglogy Belgian Tavern: Green's Endeavor (136 Chestnut St.)

Hawthorne’s: Recently added Sprecher’s Mbege to its already impressive selection that includes St. Peter’s Sorgham and Redbridge (738 S 11th St)

Local 44: Always offers a rotating gluten-free bottled beer, currently carrying Green’s Amber (4333 Spruce St)

Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant: Green’s Endeavor (120 Market St)

Tapestry: Lakefront New Grist (700 S 5th St)
For more information and for a listing of restaurants that serve gluten-free food, visit GlutenFreePhilly.

Photo via Flickr user lpolinsky


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